Construction & Civil Engineering

Fathom Services Ltd (FSL) is a complete support solution, established to assist with the management of all aspects of Temporary Works.
Our vast experience in Temporary Works, geotechnics, structures, equipment and proprietary solutions enables us to provide a commercially beneficial solution for all your value engineering needs. Our important knowledge of buildability and how sites and subcontractors work in the real world is invaluable.

Our Specialist Knowledge

Regular feedback from our extensive client base proves that contractors appreciate specialist knowledge. As a consultancy we are covered by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance and additional cover can be provided where necessary on a contract by contract basis. Fathom Services Ltd (FSL) is recognised by many as the expert consultancy for Temporary Works solutions. Utilise our services today for specialist Training, Design, Site Support or Contract Support.

Contract Support

The basis of successful management of Temporary Works is in the foundations; your company‚Äôs Temporary Works Procedures. Involve Fathom Services Ltd (FSL) Temporary Works from the ground-up to ensure that you do not get behind schedule on your current project.  
From the first stages we will implement our knowledge to Value Engineer all aspects of Temporary Works to save you money. Having an expert consultancy on-board will reassure and reinforce your team.